Imparting Life to Quality Restorations


                   Providence Dental Lab        




   Welcome to Providence Dental Lab. For over thirty-five years we have been dedicated to producing the highest quality crown and bridge restorations. Serving Seattle's beautiful Eastside and a select group of dentists across the United States, we combine old world artisan skills with modern technology to ensure our clients unmatched quality. It can be truly said we are "Imparting Life to Quality Restorations".

      Although we take the extra time and effort to create a very natural looking restoration, our prices, especially on implants, are very competitive  -- even with the big box labs. Our most price conscious dentists agree that it is more cost effective to pay a little more and have shorter chair time, happy patients and good referrals.

      It is not uncommon for us to get thank you notes directly from elated patients thrilled about their new smile. Please review our Anterior and Smile-Maker over tab.

      Thank you for visiting we look forward to working with you.