Emax monolithic posterior

Full contour multilayered  monolithic zirconia posterior
Full gold crowns plus alloy
Zirconia posterior with porcelain buildup
PFM  plus alloy
Wax-up     (standard – for stent)
Cosmetic Wax-up    (full color -- for presentation)
Temps/Provisionals,  implant temp  plus parts
Bridge Charge  (3 unit )   each additional connector $20

Implant Abutments
Full contour zirconia-posterior screw retained complete w/CROWN
Full contour zirconia-anterior layered screw retained complete w/CROWN
Implant provisional  screw retained- generic parts
Custom milled hybrid zirconia abutment with titanium base
Custom milled titanium abutment –generic parts
PFM screw retained implant (additional fee for parts $90-400)
Nobel Biocare custom abutment tit. Nobel brand parts
Astra  titanium abutment Astra brand parts

*  add charge for brand parts, which can be significantly higher price
Anterior Restorations
Emax Layered

Zirconia  Layered

            Multi-segmental build-up, internal characterization,
Full mouth restoration                           


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